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Restrictions & Sanctions

Trading restrictions (Libya)

Trading restrictions imposed against Libya

  • European Union
    An embargo on arms and related materiel, with certain exemptions. An embargo on equipment (and related services) which might be used for internal repression and financial sanctions (freezing of funds and economic resources) of listed persons, entities and bodies (designated entities). 
  • Israel
  • USA: Libyan sanctions
  • United Nations
    An arms embargo (with certain exemptions) and the freezing of assets of designated individuals and entities.
    A ban on illicit crude oil exports from Libya and authorizing inspection of suspect ships on high seas.

 Trading restrictions imposed by Libya

  • Age restrictions
    According to information received from local contacts vessels of more than twenty years of age from their date of launching are required to obtain authorisation by the Marine Authority prior to entering a Libyan port. Authorisation is normally obtained through the ship's agent at least two weeks prior to vessel's ETA.  Such vessels calling a Libyan port without prior notice / authorisation will be permitted to enter subject to the payment of a fine of 1600 euros for the first call; the fine will be doubled for each successive call.

    To apply for an entry permit the following valid ship's certificates should be attached to the application to the Marine Authority (through the local ship's port agents)
    1. Load line certificate
    2. Safety equipment certificate
    3. Cargo ship safety radio certificate
    4. Certificate of class
    5. Safety constriction certificate
    6. P&I club certificate of entry
    7. Certificate of register
    8. International oil pollution certificate

  • Arab League Boycott of Israel: Libya's Position
    According to information received from local contacts, Libya fully adheres to the Arab League's boycott of Israel (I.e. primary, secondary and tertiary boycotts).


Restrictions & sanctions (Libya)


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