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Coronavirus (COVID-19)

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BIMCO keeps focus on COVID-19 advice and information

As governments worldwide continue to implement restrictions with the aim to minimise the spread of the coronavirus, BIMCO is focused on the publication of advice, information and analysis related to the outbreak.

To help the industry cope as well as possible during this difficult time, BIMCO has created a COVID-19 section on the website, where all news and content related to the outbreak is freely available.

Our staff - like businesses and staff across the world – has successfully adapted to new ways of operating and keeping all our services running, and all our regular services will support the industry as normal.

SmartCon support and the Support & Advice helpdesk are available as always, and BIMCO will continue to update its webpage with information relevant to shipping companies such as the shipping market, contractual issues, maritime security etc.

Face to face meetings are replaced with online meetings. All business travel by BIMCO staff remains cancelled until further notice.

You can find BIMCO’s COVID-19 section and other shipping-related advice regarding the outbreak here: https://www.bimco.org/covid19


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  • COVID-19 restrictions are updated

    The BIMCO secretariat makes a continuous effort to provide information on the most recent restrictions.

  • COVID-19 restrictions are updated

    The BIMCO secretariat makes a continuous effort to provide information on the most recent restrictions.

  • BIMCO publishes Q&A on Infectious Diseases Clause

    As part of its effort to openly share COVID-19 information and advice with the industry BIMCO has published a Q&A on its Infectious Diseases Clauses.

  • BIMCO publishes COVID-19 guidelines for office workspaces

    The coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak started as a locally circulating infection associated with Huanan Seafood Wholesale Market but has since developed into the current pandemic. To assist the shoreside of the maritime industry in taking appropriate protective measures at office workplaces, BIMCO is issuing guidelines intended to help shipping companies avoid spreading of the disease at offices and office buildings.

  • BIMCO shares inspections update from OCIMF to its COVID-19 bulletin

    Oil Companies International Marine Forum (OCIMF) has issued an update to its COVID-19 bulletin, which gives further guidance on Ship Inspection Report Programme (SIRE)/Offshore Vessel Inspection Database (OVID) inspections.

  • Coronavirus and crew restrictions; what to keep in mind

    Crew unable to disembark, service engineers unable to maintain essential equipment and classification societies unable to do scheduled ship surveys. This is the new reality for many, as several port authorities and port state authorities are imposing restrictions on mobility due to the Coronavirus (COVID-19). 

  • Italian ports are fully operational despite COVID-19: Italian Ports Association

    BIMCO has received a letter from the Italian Ports Association, underlining that Italian Ports are fully operational and ensuring the safety of cargo and crew members. 

  • BIMCO offers free information on ports

    As the Coronavirus pandemic (COVID-19) continues to spread across different parts of the world, BIMCO is opening the port information section on its website with the aim to assist the industry.

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