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News & trends

A historically bad crude oil tanker market struggles to find solid support

2018 has been absolutely horrible for the crude oil tankers with freight rates and the fleet utilisation rate falling to a record low level.

Latest News

  • ISO issue letter of conformity ahead of 2020 sulphur cap

    The 2020 0.50% sulphur limit for fuel oil used outside emission control areas will undoubtedly create operational issues for crews onboard ships. The International Organization for Standardization (ISO) has now  issued a letter in this regard rebutting these claims.

  • Dry bulk cargoes code - Get yourself ready for the amended code entering into force soon!

    To get members ready for the new Code coming into effect 1 January 2019, BIMCO gives a run down of the major amendments that would impact members' business dealing with the carriage of dry bulk cargoes. 

  • BIMCO expels ShipNEXT from membership

    BIMCO has terminated its agreement with ShipNEXT that allowed the use of BIMCO contracts on its trading platform and expelled the company from its membership after it repeatedly and falsely claimed that BIMCO supported its trading platform.

  • US regulations affecting your ships - get the June 2018 update!

    This is the latest in a series of reports supplied by the Chamber of Shipping of America (CSA) with the intention of keeping BIMCO members appraised of legislative developments in the US affecting international shipping. BIMCO highlights only the relevant developments that would impact members. The full CSA June report is also provided. 

  • China bans scrapping of foreign ships by end of year

    The Chinese government has vowed to put an end to the scrapping of ships not carrying a Chinese flag.

  • Weekly piracy reports and analysis

    Read the latest maritime security news making headlines throughout the world.

  • China cuts age of import ships further to reduce emissions

    The Chinese Ministry of Transport has announced new regulations requiring all ships imported for domestic use, and Chinese flagged ships for international use, to be compliant with IMO Tier II emissions standards from 1 September 2018, in a bid to cut NOx emissions from diesel engines.

  • BIMCO calls on IMO to adapt more accurate sulphur verification procedures

    BIMCO and partners have submitted a paper to the International Maritime Organization (IMO), proposing ways to secure a uniform and more accurate way of interpreting results, when measuring the level of sulphur in fuel oil.

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