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  • BIMCO to publish new shortened law and arbitration clause

    BIMCO’s Documentary Committee has agreed to carry out a major overhaul of the Dispute Resolution Clause with the aim to shorten and simplify what has become BIMCO’s longest standard clause.

  • Fake invoices

    BIMCO has been advised of yet another attempted fraud against one of our members.

  • Sanctions top busy agenda for BIMCO’s Documentary Committee

    BIMCO’s Documentary Committee (DC) will have a busy agenda when they meet on 5 December. The DC will consider for approval new sanctions clauses for time and voyage charter parties. They will also review progress on a new edition of GENCON and be asked to provide feedback on other projects ranging from a sale and leaseback term sheet to an accommodation support vessel charter party.

  • BIMCO submits biofouling survey results to the IMO

    BIMCO has forwarded the results of a biofouling survey to the International Maritime Organization (IMO) to contribute with insight into biofouling practices ahead of the IMO’s revision of the existing guidelines for ships’ biofouling.

  • BIMCO makes Holiday Calendar improvements and change to distribution

    As holidays are not static, but constantly changing, BIMCO’s Holiday Calendar is an invaluable tool for many in the industry. Starting this year, BIMCO has made improvements and changes to the accessibility and distribution of the calendar.

  • The December issue of the Bulletin magazine is out

    Get the latest insight and interviews in the December edition of BIMCO’s Bulletin magazine.

  • BIMCO improves its Port Information database

    BIMCO has a proud tradition for providing the maritime industry with reliable information on port facilities, working hours and national holidays. In order to provide the best solution, BIMCO’s port information database has been restructured and updated.

  • BIMCO Ice Information section - complete update

    Check out our BIMCO Ice Information section which has been completely updated.

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