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CREWMAN A (Cost plus fee) 2009

CREWMAN A (Cost plus fee) 2009 is a standard crew management agreement whereby the owners appoint the crew managers as agents to perform crew management services in respect of a ship on a cost plus fee basis. The latest edition of this contract is CREWMAN A (cost plus fee) 2009. Copyright in CREWMAN... Please follow the link to continue reading.

ETS – Emission Scheme Freight Clause for COAs 2024

This clause is one from a suite of three clauses developed by the subcommittee for Contracts of Affreightment (COAs). The objective was to provide industry stakeholders with the flexibility to choose a procedure suitable for their specific trade and business. You should consider whether this ETS – E... Please follow the link to continue reading.


Background Emission Schemes are “cap and trade” schemes that cap the total amount of greenhouse gases to be emitted by certain vessels covered by the system.  Over time, this cap is reduced as an incentive to reduce greenhouse gas emissions through increased efficiency and the use of alternative fue... Please follow the link to continue reading.

Maritime Law Academy

The residential academy covers cutting-edge issues of International Maritime Law and its relationship with international trade, shipping and marine insurance.


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SHIPMAN is a ship management agreement that may include crew, technical and commercial management as well as insurance arrangements in respect of a ship. The latest edition of this contract is SHIPMAN 2024. Copyright in SHIPMAN 2024 is held by BIMCO.

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