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BIMCO's Holiday Calendar covers general holidays in over 150 countries, plus local holidays and working hours in more than 680 ports around the world.

Survey on fuel oil quality and safety

The IMO 2020 global sulphur limit for marine fuel oil has now been in force for over one month. BIMCO, ICS, INTERCARGO and INTERTANKO are calling on fleet- and vessel managers, as well as technical superintendents, to share their insight and experiences with the new IMO 2020 compliant fuels.

Anchor equipment questionnaire

BIMCO, Intercargo, Intertanko and International Chamber of Shipping (ICS)  have  set up a working group   with the aim to analyse incidents and accidents involving anchoring systems and thereby ultimately increase the safety and integrity of anchoring. To reach the goal, the group is seeking input from members to help report incidents.

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