Shipping KPI System

BIMCO Shipping KPIs 

The Shipping KPI System is a global shipping industry tool for defining, measuring and reporting information on operational performance. It uses a unique standard of 64 different key performance indicators (KPIs) to allow the most specific and accurate comparison of ships – across different types and sectors – that is currently available. The data collected is anonymised, so it does not compromise commercially sensitive information.

The Shipping KPI System can be used by shipping companies to:

  • compare their business performance against the industry standard and identify where improvements in efficiency can be made
  • clearly communicate the performance of their ship operation activities to internal and external stakeholders.

The system was originally developed by a cross-industry group and was supported by InterManager following its launch in 2011. Since June 2015, ownership of the system was taken on by the world’s largest international shipping association, BIMCO, and is developed and managed by SOFTImpact.

To find out more about the system and how it was developed, please visit the KPI Book or check our FAQs.

Visit the Shipping KPI website

BIMCO's vision for the Shipping KPI System

The BIMCO Shipping KPI System will be the preferred and trusted tool of all ship owners, operators and managers allowing them to benchmark and monitor their company, fleet and ship performance. The system will add value to the users' businesses by highlighting opportunities to drive sustainable improvements.

Mission for the BIMCO Shipping KPI System

The BIMCO Shipping KPI System is a tool run by the industry for the industry, and therefore a trusted tool and source of information for all. Data collected will only be accessible by the data provider and will be used anonymously to avoid sensitive information being compromised. BIMCO will continuously take into account the broader needs of all potential users in the development and maintenance of the BIMCO Shipping KPI standard. The BIMCO Shipping KPI Steering group will oversee the project and ensure that its associated Expert Group fulfil current and future users' needs.

Cost involved in using the system by both existing and new users

BIMCO will provide the Shipping KPI System free of charge to existing BIMCO owner members and full InterManager members; except for a one-time nominal set-up fee the first time a member uses the system.

For all newly registered member companies of BIMCO or InterManager who would like to use the KPI System a one-time setup fee will be included.

Companies falling outside of the above-mentioned categories will retain continued use of the system (subject to agreement). However, an annual subscription fee and set-up fee will be included in order to cover continued use.

  Setup fee Annual usage fee Total (1st year)
Members with 10 or more ships   975 0 € 975
Members with 9 or less ships 475 0 € 475
Non - members 1175 1975 euro; 3,150

Shipping KPI Price List

Members are BIMCO owner members and full InterManager members. Non-members can only get access if they operate/own ships.

Sample Shipping KPI report: 


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