Crewless ships, cyber security and ballast water issues top agenda for Marine Committee

Crewless ships, cyber security and ballast water issues top agenda for Marine Committee


A broad range of “hot” industry issues kept BIMCO’s Marine Committee busy at its recent meeting at BIMCO House.

Autonomous ship Rolls Royce 


Ballast water management, free-fall lifeboats, the 2020 global sulphur cap, fuel sampling clauses and BIMCO guidelines on the MARPOL sample were among some of the many topics discussed by the Committee. Raising awareness of cyber security risks continues to be a priority issue. Looking in to the not too distant future the Committee also discussed the very real prospect of autonomous ships from a technical, operational and regulatory perspective.

BIMCO’s Head of Maritime Technology and Regulation, Aron Sorensen, interviewed after the Committee meeting talks about the discussions on ballast water management, cyber security and autonomous ships and the conclusions drawn.

BIMCO’s Marine Committee meets twice a year to discuss and review marine, operational and technical related issues. The topics discussed are based on the strategy and policy defined and agreed by BIMCO’s Executive Committee.

The Committee comprises 11 owner member representatives who have been appointed from across the shipping industry, based on their qualifications and work experience in the maritime sector.

Aron Soerensen
in Copenhagen, DK


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