SUPPLYTIME, WINDTIME & Renewables Seminar

  • Aberdeen, United Kingdom
  • 12 Nov 2020 (2 days)
  • Available seats 23
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Course price

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Combines online session, eLearning and two-day face-to-face seminar. Examines SUPPLYTIME and the practical and legal differences using the form for other purposes than OSV/AHTS.

What will you learn?

The seminar examines different versions of the SUPPLYTIME contract. During the course, we will also examine the practical and legal differences using SUPPLYTIME for other purposes than OSV/AHTS.Each element provides its own learning advantage, irrespective of previous experience. The course combines three different training elements:

  • An eLearning module
  • Four-hour online sessions with the trainers
  • Two-day face-to-face course

The eLearning modules consist of interviews with key persons involved in the development of SUPPLYTIME. It provides valuable background insight and new perspectives on the aims and perspectives of the contract.

The online sessions are interactive and conveys the practical experience of the trainers, working with SUPPLYTIME and the users of the form. Prior to each session, all participants will receive a link to highlight the issues and ask specific questions, which will be discussed during the online sessions. The online sessions are moderated by the BIMCO organiser and recorded for later viewing.

Finally, the two-day face-to-face course goes much deeper into the background of the forms and the practical and legal implications of using the form. The group case studies serve as a forum for exchanging views and thinking out of the box when having to find solutions whilst working under time pressure.

Some of the topics the course will cover are:

  • How does the contract work across different segments of the offshore energy sector?
  • Using SUPPLYTIME for other purposes than OSV/AHTS
  • Key clauses and changes from SUPPLYTIME 2005 to 2017
  • Condition, maintenance and removal of equipment
  • Knock for knock – a practical guide
  • Working with rider clauses
  • Introduction to the new BIMCO Annexes for SUPPLYTIME.

Case studies

Super Boat (SB) is the owner of the specialist offshore construction vessel. The ship is currently under construction and close to delivery at a well-known yard. SB chartering department receives an enquiry from Rotterdam Offshore Contractors (ROC) as they are looking for a vessel of similar specification for a project in West Africa.

ROC proposes a three-year charter party, with options for two more, at favourable day rates. The contract shall be based on the SUPPLYTIME 2017 form, with a range of amendments, including a larger heave compensated crane and on-board project specific equipment, to be equipped before the vessel departs for West Africa.  Some of this equipment will be operated on board by ROC or its sub-contractors’ personnel.

How do the owners protect themselves, and at the same time be seen to accommodate the charterers requirements in a very attractive deal? These are just some of the aspects of one of the cases in the course.

In the case studies, you will work in small groups to consider the scenario and a range of problems that arise. The cases will be a focus for dialogue and will help the participants see how amendments to SUPPLYTIME can serve different purposes for various parties.

Why choose to participate?

You will be taught by hand-picked industry experts who have built a career out of solving complicated commercial disputes in the energy offshore sector.

The combination of theory, discussion and casework will make using SUPPLYTIME forms clearer and more manageable. The trainers will share valuable experiences and point participants towards practical solutions, which can be used on the job. The course will also facilitate networking between international shipping peers and enable long-term learning relationships between the participants.

How will this course help your professional development?

SUPPLYTIME is the benchmark for offshore support vessel agreements – and the industry’s contract of choice. It has also been widely adopted by other sectors looking for a contract offering a comprehensive knock-for-knock framework. This course will assist you in identifying how the form works when being used for a wide variety of tasks, thereby helping you to understand and explain your own risks and exposure. You will be able to discuss issues, such as unused maintenance days at the conclusion of the charter, lay-up provisions and the revised knock-for knock provisions with your superiors, P&I club or legal counsel.

Course certification

A BIMCO certificate will be issued.

Course materials

BIMCO issues electronic course files as an Adobe PDF file enabling you to make personal notes using a computer or tablet. Please bring a computer or tablet! All documentation and presentations will be in English.


Ian Perrott

Ian Perrott

Paul Dean

Paul Dean

Tony Concagh

Tony Concagh


Peter Grube



  • Aberdeen TBD
  • Suitable venue to be decided
  • Aberdeen
  • United Kingdom

The fee includes coffee breaks, lunch and course materials, but not transport or accommodation, which should be arranged by the participant directly with the hotel.

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Alternative dates & locations

  • Online, Online
  • 31 August, 2020 (12 days)
  • From EUR 1150
  • Available seats 49  
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