Why choose BIMCO Training?

We have internationally recognised expertise

In a crowded world of shipping courses, BIMCO stands out as a world leader for designing and delivering training programmes on key maritime topics.

BIMCO is recognised globally for its shipping contracts and clauses and has been delivering to a wide range of trades and sectors for over 110 years. This means we have exceptional access to top industry experts and offer world class training programmes on topics where BIMCO has a unique know-how, which the industry trusts and values. 

Let us help you strengthen the knowledge and skills you use on a daily basis to add value to your workplace.

We take a flexible approach in meeting your needs

BIMCO offers the best of learning worlds with our eLearning platform where you can learn at your own pace and place or, with face-to-face courses delivered around the globe. 

If you need to train a large number of employees or have specific requests on certain topics, you can customise in-house courses and have them delivered at your company for convenience and cost effectiveness.

Whatever you prefer, we deliver.

We offer various discounts

BIMCO members receive favourable prices on all our courses. We also offer great group deals and an early bird discount rate.

If you are based in Hong Kong or Singapore, make sure you take advantage of the governmental refund scheme which reimburses up to 80% of the course fee on selected topics.

To learn more: Hong Kong - Maritime and Aviation Training Fund and Singapore - Maritime Cluster FundMCF Training Grant is available for eligible participants. Please refer to www.mpa.gov.sg/mcf for information.

Find out more about the eLearning enrolment policies.

What our participants say

The information about the course is full and clear. Course is well structured and reasonably scheduled. The communication with tutors was effective and helpful.
The course helped me to improve my knowledge of laytime and demurrage and gave answers to the cases I face in my work every day. It is perfectly designed to provide all necessary information about laytime and demurrage, including interesting case studies, webinars, samples and deep explanations.
Essentially, I liked everything about the course: the ability to set my own learning schedule, to watch the missed webinars, the case studies, the digital book, and to take the exam in my own time.