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Restrictions & Sanctions

Trading restrictions (Israel)

Trading restrictions imposed against Israel

Trading restrictions imposed by Israel

  • Restrictions pertaining to flag/nationality of crew
    According to information received from local contacts, vessels flying the flag/registered in countries opposing the state of Israel are prohibited from entering Israeli waters/ports. There are no restrictions regarding the nationality of officers/crew from such countries. However, such nationals will be detained by the port police for the duration of the vessel's stay in port.
  • Restrictions pertaining to vessel type / flag
    In accordance with "Regulations of Shipping and Ports (Safety of Navigation 1982), regulation 15(a) tankers carrying persistent oils as cargo will not be permitted to enter Israeli territorial waters (i) in the Mediterranean if of 25 years of age and above and (ii) in the Gulf of Aqaba if of 20 years of age and above - effective as from 18 February 2003.
  • United Nations

Restrictions & sanctions (Israel)


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