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Novation Agreement for Shipbuilding Contracts

17 October 2016

The Novation Agreement for Shipbuilding Contracts is an agreement between the parties to novate the shipbuilding contract from the original buyers to the new buyers on terms set out in the agreement. The latest edition of this contract is the Novation Agreement for Shipbuilding Contracts, issued in 2016. Copyright in the Novation Agreement for Shipbuilding Contracts is held by BIMCO.

BIMCO and ISCO join forces on oil spill response contract

23 February 2016

BIMCO and the International Spill Control Organisation, ISCO, began work last week in London on developing a standard contract for the hire of spill response services and equipment. The spill response contract will be an agreement that can be used by a shipowner whose ship has caused a spill and a contractor hired to perform clean-up services...

Spill response tackled in new contract

03 July 2016

The International Spill Control Organization (ISCO) and BIMCO are working together to develop a standard contract for spill response services. The contract is expected to be published by the end of the year.