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Container Shipping - Rates are flattening out – balance sustained, but for how long?

15 August 2010

Demand: We see that the freight rate index levels from China show that rates to Europe have been very stable around 1,800 (index value) since April with a slight negative trend over the last three weeks. Spot prices from Shanghai have been equally firm at around USD 1,900 per TEU. Meanwhile, rates for containers heading for US West Coast continue to soar. Since early April the China Containerized Freight Index for the US West Coast has gone up by 20%.

Container Shipping - Going slow across the board has brought back black bottom lines

13 October 2010

Forecast: BIMCO expects the fourth quarter to be a difficult one, with volumes going down from recent highs. This may also mean idling vessels becomes more normal again as they are removed from stings or simply temporarily abundant as volumes tighten. During the first half of 2010 the container trade has made a remarkable comeback. Rates have doubled on many routes and volumes have returned from the abyss to the benefit of many owners who have switched from red ink to black as a result of this.

Container Shipping - Volume growth is keeping up the optimism, even though the recent hefty reactivation of idle tonnage puts a cap on high flying freight rates.

13 June 2012

The first five months of 2012 have been developing in the right direction for the container shipping industry. Freight rates on the main routes have been going up markedly and consecutively in March, April, May and June, despite happening at a decreasing amount – the total hikes amount to USD 1,100-1,300 per TEU. This has lifted freight rates on the Far East to Europe trading lane from USD 536 per TEU just before Christmas to the current level of USD 1,634 per TEU, equal to +205%.