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BIMCO statements

16 September 2016

These statements summarise BIMCO’s viewpoint on topical issues of relevance for our members. These statements reflect the wide-ranging work that BIMCO is involved in regarding development of the international regulatory environment shipping operates in and also some commercial elements. The topics listed reflect the current ongoing international agenda and may change depending on regulatory developments and on whether they continue to be of concern to our members.

Refund Guarantee for Shipbuilding Contracts

17 June 2021

Refund guarantees are an integral part of a shipbuilding project. Whilst they are not part of the shipbuilding contract as such, it is unlikely that any ship building contract would be signed if there was no such guarantee for the buyer. The refund guarantee is often regarded as the “financial cornerstone” of a shipbuilding project. Copyright in the BIMCO Refund Guarantee for Shipbuilding Contracts is held by BIMCO.