Is your bulk cargo exempted from requiring a ship having CO2 fittings?


BIMCO advises on how you could check whether your solid bulk cargo is exempted from having a requirement to have a ship fitted with a fixed gas fire-extinguishing system.

How do you check if the solid bulk cargo you are fixing is exempted from the SOLAS regulation II-2/10 requiring a ship to have  a fixed carbon dioxide (CO2) or inert gas fire-extinguishing system in its cargo holds? 

Simple. The International Maritime Organisation (IMO) issues a standard circular in the form of MSC.1/circ.1395 providing a list of solid bulk cargoes that are exempted from CO2 fittings. The list also provides cargoes where the fixed gas fire-extinguishing system is ineffective and  which an equivalent form of protection shall be made available. 

The said IMO circular is updated whenever new cargoes are listed in the International Maritime Solid Bulk Cargoes ( IMSBC) Code.  The latest - MSC.1/circ.1395/Rev.4 dated 13 June 2019 is available below.

Members are most welcome to contact for assistance on the above or have any enquiries relating to the IMSBC Code. 

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Ai Cheng Foo-Nielsen
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