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S&P Global Platts insight conversation with Peter Sand

Peter Sand, chief shipping analyst at BIMCO, talks to Alex Younevitch, managing editor for EMEA shipping at S&P Global Platts, about the container market and the challenges that it is facing from the escalating US-China trade war, the upcoming IMO 2020 regulation, and tonnage oversupply.

Iran sanctions and the oil market

Peter Sand talks about Iran sanctions and the oil market from CNBC.

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December 2014

Tanker Shipping - Demand is outstripping supply for the first time since 2008

Freight rates are difficult to predict. This time around, the sudden tightness took us by surprise in a positive way.

Macro Economics - Will the plunging oil prices facilitate stronger economic performance?

It surely holds the potential to do so, on a national level as well as on the individual shipping company level.

November 2014

Much-needed help to lift global economic activity provided

Economic growth in the Eurozone is still struggling to gain a footing, as inflation remains dangerously low. The European Central Bank (ECB) aims at keeping the inflation rate just below 2%, but in October 2014, it was just 0.4%.

The fall in bunker prices reduce fuel costs significantly

For a ship that burns 24 tonnes of fuel per day while steaming, fuel costs will be reduced by as much as USD 1 million a year if current price levels stay put.

Capesize rates have finally gained a footing as Brazilian iron ore exports rise

The increases in Brazilian iron ore exports open up great prospects for dry bulk shipping, in particular the Capesize segment.

October 2014

Comforting sounds from China: GDP and Industrial Production

The economic news from China this morning was somewhat comforting, but highlights the fact that economic activity in the world’s largest economy is certainly slowing down.

Container Shipping - Is the strong level of demand sustainable going forward?

Two key trading lanes attract attention these days: one being the major battlefield today – the other being the potential battlefield of tomorrow.

Tanker Shipping - Crude oil tankers buoyed by low supply growth, as winter season approaches

The world seems to be awash with oil these days, to an extent that no geo-political tensions in the oil-rich producing nations can make us “scared enough” to hike oil prices. We seem to have become accustomed to a world where such tension is the norm. This is very good news for the world economy, as it brings down the cost of energy – despite a number of ongoing major conflicts and the challenges related to Ebola in West Africa.

Dry Bulk Shipping - Rate improvements arrived as forecast, but uncertainty mounts for 2015 demand

While we await the long-anticipated rebound in Capesize freight rates centred on Brazilian exports, let's focus on the brighter spots elsewhere in dry bulk shipping

Macro Economics - Shipping demand remains subdued by slow global economic activity

After lower than expected growth in the first half of 2014, the IMF has once more lowered its GDP growth forecast for 2014 and 2015.