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BIMCO scales up its direct membership engagement

Published: 22 September 2022

We’re scaling up our direct engagement with you, our members. Earlier this week, around 20 ship managers joined the relatively new BIMCO Ship Manager Advisory Panel for a debate about how to handle the EU ETS in practice. Also this week, the very first meeting took place in the BIMCO Bunker Buyer Network where around 20 bunker buyers among our owner members met to address some of the topical issues related to bunkering. Among other topics, the network reflected on upcoming GHG regulations and debated topics for future meetings as the nature of the networks are user driven.

The new engagement initiatives, such as the panels and networks, are being established as a supplement to BIMCO’s lean formal committee structure in a direct response to members expressing a wish to engage more. This matches our own wish to further develop direct engagement to add more value to BIMCO membership, establish a closer and wider relationship with you, our members, and provide more insight to support BIMCO’s role as the practical voice of shipping for the industry.

Today, members already engage in the BIMCO Executive Committee, a variety of subcommittees such as the one revising GENCON, regional advisory panels including one in Germany and sounding boards such as the one covering SHIPSALE 22. These engagement activities are core offerings from BIMCO to our membership and we will continue to develop and expand them.

More BIMCO networks are therefore coming up and we have started by setting up networks covering tanker safety, security and the maritime single window. We’ll send out more information later this year.

Three ways to increase your engagement with BIMCO are now what we are focusing on:  

  1. BIMCO Advisory Panels to seek input and create a dialogue among members such as the BIMCO Ship Manager Advisory Panel and regional panels engaging and seeking advice from members typically at a high level such as CEO/COO. 
  2. BIMCO Networks to facilitate members sharing their experience and insight such as the BIMCO Bunker Buyer Network, which is focused on professionals wanting to engage with their peers and share knowledge and get new contacts. 
  3. BIMCO Task Forces working on a specific task such as the current BIMCO groups working on biofouling and alternative fuel. These groups include experts in their fields working together on specific topics that also support BIMCOs agenda. 


If you would like more information about these initiatives, or if you wish  to join, please contact Head of Membership Engagement Henriette Dybkær hdy@bimco.org.

Michael Lund


Michael Lund

Deputy Secretary General

Copenhagen, Denmark