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Survey on operations in Nigerian ports and terminals

Published: 15 August 2023

The Maritime Anti-Corruption Network (MACN) has launched the latest version of its Nigeria Impact Survey. The purpose of the survey is to assess corruption risks for users of Nigerian sea ports and terminals and better understand the evolving situation and the ethical behavioural changes that may have occurred as a result of the various MACN initiatives carried out since 2012 to improve the operating environment for the shipping industry.

BIMCO supports the aims of all measures including those of MACN to fight every form of bribery and corruption in the maritime industry and global trade. To this effect, BIMCO cooperates with MACN, including by sharing various surveys, and we encourage members to share the questionnaire with ship Masters, crew and operators as their input will be of great value in MACN’s work.

Since 2012, MACN has worked to improve the operating environment in Nigerian ports and terminals. This has included the harmonisation of port clearance procedures and the implementation of a Grievance Reporting Mechanism for escalation of disputes relating to corrupt demands. Both of these tools are available through the Port Service Support Portal (PSSP) hosted by the Nigerian Shippers Council.

The link to the Impact Survey can be found here. Please complete it as soon as possible and no later than 30 September 2023.

All data will be collected anonymously and handled confidentially by MACN. The results of the survey will be aggregated and shared with project stakeholders, MACN members, and will be used to develop the next steps MACN should take to further improve the operating environment in Nigeria.

Please contact the MACN Secretariat if you have questions to the survey or MACN’s Collective Action in Nigeria.  

We thank you in advance for your valuable feedback!

Christian Hoppe


Christian Hoppe

General Counsel

Copenhagen, Denmark