Recorded webinar - The BIMCO ETSA Clause for Time Charter Parties

Published: 20 March 2023

Watch Stinne Taiger Ivø, Director, Contracts & Support, BIMCO and Lars Robert Pedersen, Deputy Secretary General, BIMCO explain about the content of the BIMCO ETSA Clause, and the regulatory framework provided by the EU revision of the ETS Directive.

The negotiations on the EU emission trading scheme (ETS) have not yet been finalised, but the current proposal will have an impact on charterers, owners, shipmanagers and other stakeholders. The clause is published and can already be incorporated into charter parties now, but how the EU ETS will work in practice is yet to be seen. 

During this webinar, Stinne and Lars Robert discussed the applicability of the BIMCO ETSA Clause and the potential industry consequences when the EU ETS  enters into force. 

The webinar was held on 20 September 2022.

More information on the Emission Trading Scheme Allowances (ETSA) Clause for Time Charter Parties

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