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COVID 19 - BIMCO supports the industry with contracts and clauses

Published: 09 December 2021

The recently imposed new restrictions in several ports will have an impact on the operations of ships. Performing crew changes will very likely become more difficult and result in floating quarantines, meaning that more delays and disruptions in supply chains can be expected.

With the new variant creating uncertainty for shipowners, even more complex planning will be needed to avoid financial losses.

Crew change difficulties can lead to disputes about off-hire, laytime and which party is responsible for the financial effects of the delays. It is therefore all the more important to enter into a charter party with your eyes open and be aware of any potential exposure to additional costs and delays, for example for floating quarantine.

BIMCO’s contracts and clauses are industry standards for charter parties and many other agreements in the shipping industry. Here is a short overview of how we at BIMCO are here to assist you: 

  • Are you planning a voyage, and so need to find out which COVID-19 restrictions apply where, or are you about to call a port? Find all the information you need in our weekly reports and detailed information pages at bimco.org/covid19 .
  • Are you about to fix a charter party now and would like to know which clauses are available to protect your position? Contact our Contract & Clauses team and find guidance hereYou can also purchase our Check Before Fixing 2021 book (member discount available).
  • Are you facing a dispute about whether your ship was off-hire due to a COVID-19 event such as infected crew members, testing procedures or laytime and demurrage questions?  Speak to the experts in our Support & Advice team. They will help you with up to date guidance on your case. 

If you are a member of BIMCO, feel free to call us for advice. If you are considering becoming a member, please don't hesitate to get in touch to hear about all the benefits of membership.

Nina Stuhrmann


Nina Stuhrmann

Manager, Contracts & Clauses

Copenhagen, Denmark