BIMCO looking at the Maritime Single Window at FAL 41


In 2019 the new mandatory requirements on Electronic Data Interchange requires public authorities to establish systems for the electronic exchange of information to assist ship clearance processes.

BIMCO will attend the 41st session of the IMO’s Committee on Facilitation Committee (FAL 41), which will be held in London from 4 to 7 April 2017.

IMO's Facilitation Committee’s aim is to achieve efficient maritime transport with unproblematic port transit of ships, cargoes and passengers with an eye on impact in trade growth and the economy. 

It is the parent committee of the FAL Convention, which contains formalities, documentary requirements and procedures applicable to port arrival, stay and departure. The FAL Convention also addresses security-related incidents such as stowaways, illegal immigrants on board the ship and drug trafficking.

The agenda for FAL 41 includes the following important items:

Guidelines on the facilitation aspects of protecting the maritime transport network from cyberthreats 

IMO adopted the Interim Guidelines on maritime cyber risk management (MSC.1/Circ.1526) at the 96th session of the Maritime Safety Committee (MSC 96). IMO is aiming at a joint MSC/FAL circular in order to address both the ship and port side with regard to cyber security. FAL will discuss cyber security issues related to activities generated by the requirements in the FAL convention. As the leading industry organization on cyber security, BIMCO will follow the discussion closely.

Reduce administrative burdens in IMO instruments

Administrative burdens generated by the FAL Convention will be discussed. The IMO is working to lower or if possible avoid administrative burdens both for the industry and administration. At FAL 41, the discussion will be on the items that have been recently identified and which are relatively small: eg reporting to the shipowner when having stowaways on board, which is not very often.

Publications relating to ship/port interface

The revised list of existing publications relevant to the ship/port interface was released in FAL.6/Circ.14 on 2 March 2006. In view of the considerable period that has elapsed since then, many of the documents referred to in the circular may be out of date and new ones may have been developed. 

BIMCO has several publications included in the circular and will participate in the review. 

Maritime Single Window

FAL 40 adopted amendments to the FAL Convention on new mandatory requirements on electronic data interchange that require public authorities to establish systems for the electronic exchange of information to assist ship clearance processes by spring 2019.

FAL 41 will consider how to establish such a system.

A brief report on the outcome of the meeting will be published shortly after the meeting.

Aron Soerensen
in Copenhagen, DK


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