Navigation and Vessel Inspection Circular 01-18 BWM for Control of Non-Indigenous Species in Waters of the US


USCG has recently issued Navigation and Vessel Inspection Circular (NVIC) 01-18 Ballast Water Management for Control of Non-Indigenous Species in Waters of the United States.

This NVIC is a guidance document intended to enhance implementation and compliance with applicable Coast Guard regulations; it does not amend or change any provision, authorisation or requirement found in statute or regulation. 

The NVIC 01-18 covers the following topics:


  1. Definitions and Further Guidance
  2. Exemptions 7

BWM Reporting Guidance

  1. Reporting Requirements
  2. Equivalent Reporting Methods 
  3. Seasonal Operations 
  4. Port State Control and Flag State Inspections 

BWM Recordkeeping 

Compliance Guidance

  1. BWM Requirements 
  2. Coast Guard type-approved BWMS
  3. Alternate Management System 
  4. Discharge of Ballast Water in Extraordinary Circumstances 
  5. Shipboard Technology Evaluation Program (STEP)
  6. Extension Requests
  7. BWM Plan (BWMP) 
  8. Compliance Verification


  1. Introduction 
  2. BWM Enforcement Options

Appendix A to Enclosure (1) – Sample Letters of Warning

Please refer to the below link for the full text of the NVIC 01-18

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