Image of a laptop monitor with the BIMCO website and the words "Freight tax"

BIMCO makes major improvements to its freight tax information

Published: 14 July 2022

What is the tax liability of the freight when the ship is flying the Bahamas flag, the owner is registered in the Philippines and the cargo is shipped out of Argentina? As a BIMCO member, you’ll find that the improved BIMCO freight tax database will be a big help when navigating freight taxes and VAT.

To make freight tax information more relevant and accessible to members, and as part of our objective of providing the expert knowledge needed by the maritime industry, BIMCO has launched a major improvement to the related information.

It helps fill in the “known unknowns” behind a contract in a similar way to the BIMCO Holiday Calendar.

The BIMCO Freight Tax information is available to members on the BIMCO website in the port directory. The information will also be made available through the BIMCO Data Exchange Platform along with the BIMCO Holiday Calendar.

We depend very much on feedback and intelligence from members in order to keep both the freight tax database and the holiday calendar up to date. This feedback complements our research into relevant legislation and information carried out by industry experts. We encourage members to continue to provide information on national taxation to help us build and maintain a reliable information set of freight taxes worldwide.
Johan Conrad


Johan Conrad

Manager, Maritime Information

Copenhagen, Denmark