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Holiday Calendar Supplement now available

Published: 26 January 2022

The BIMCO Holiday Calendar 2022 Supplement contains information on local holidays in Spain and the Indian Charter Party Holidays as collected in collaboration with local partners.

Indian culture is incredibly diverse, and the 1.4 billion inhabitants of India observe a variety of religions and come from hundreds of different ethnicities. These are among the reasons why the regulation of holidays is a matter delegated to the individual states, while the federal government has declared only three secular holidays to be observed universally by all Indian establishments.

Due to the complicated holiday schedules in India, it has been a longstanding tradition for the local chamber of commerce and industry to declare the charter party holidays for nearby associated ports. This system is supported by BIMCO by the introduction of charter party holidays in the BIMCO Holiday Calendar and generally accepted by both charterers and owners.

To avoid disputes, we recommend that only “charter party holidays” will be excepted from the running of laytime, and that this point should be discussed and covered adequately in the charter party.

While the state holidays are generally declared well in advance of the new year, the charter party holidays are usually not declared until the very last moment – occasionally not until January. For this reason, is it not possible for BIMCO to include the Indian holidays in the printed copies of the BIMCO Holiday Calendar. The Charter Party Holidays will be included in the annual January supplement for the BIMCO Holiday Calendar.

The January supplement will also include information on local holidays in a few Spanish ports, which was excluded from the printed BIMCO Holiday Calendar.  See the BIMCO Holiday Calendar 2022 Supplement or scan the QR code on page 143 in the printed publication. 

BIMCO Members may direct any enquiries related to holidays to

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Johan Conrad


Johan Conrad

Manager, Maritime Information

Copenhagen, Denmark