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The anteport covers an area of 4 square miles and is used for swinging vessels to enable them to berth bow out whenever conditions permit. From the northern breakwater and proceeding anti-clockwise, the sections of the port are as follows: Northern Breakwater Pier The berth known as Pierhead 6, length 320 m, runs along the inner side of the breakwater and is used when required by tourist cruise vessels. It is joined to the city by a paved road beginning at the pier. Fresh water is available by pipeline, rate of supply variable. Naval Base Located at the NW corner of the port and formed by an internal breakwater 474 m long and the northern breakwater provides berthing for submarines, corvettes and auxiliary vessels. Yacht Club This is a small dock adjacent to the naval base and is sheltered by a breakwater which is known as Pier 4. Basin C This basin is formed by Piers 2 and 3 and was originally intended for ocean going vessels only. On the north side (Pier 3) at berths 12 and 13 the grain elevator is situated. Length of quay is 275 m. Depth alongside basin "C" is about 9,90 m (32' 6") at datum. This berth is alos in use by general cargo carriers, passenger cruisers and reefer vessels loading fish. Berth 11 (west side) Open quay, length 134 m. Berth 10, 9 and 8 On th...


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