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MDAT-GoG establishes new website

26 September 2019

Ships operating in the Gulf of Guinea can benefit studying the new website run by the UK/French security reporting centre MDAT-GoG (Maritime Domain Awareness for Trade for the Gulf of Guinea). It is also highly recommended to report ship's movements, suspicious observations and security incidents immediately as they occur.

Updated threat assessment for Red Sea, Gulf of Aden, Bab al Mandeb Strait, Northwest Indian Ocean

07 June 2023

A new Internationally Releasable Threat Assessments (IRTA) has been issued by Combined Maritime Forces (CMF) and EU Naval Forces. It is the assessment that the threat from Somali pirates and from terrorists is “benign” i.e. lower than low. However, there are threats related to the ongoing conflict between in Yemen between the Saudi-Led coalition and the Houthi rebel group. These threats are perceived as low for general shipping, but moderate to substantial to ships involved in the conflict in Yemen or engaged in oil activities near Yemeni ports.