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Industry’s support for piracy declaration rises to nearly 350 signatures

29 June 2021

Steadily increasing support for the Gulf of Guinea Declaration on Suppression of Piracy, combined with Nigeria announcing significant investment to address the ongoing piracy issue in the Gulf of Guinea, raises hope that efforts are on the right track to end piracy in the region and increase safety for seafarers.

BIMCO seminar seeks to boost international security discussions

28 September 2018

Efforts to reduce piracy in Gulf of Guinea have so far had little effect. The world’s biggest economies are strengthening their military presence in Southeast Asia, and meanwhile, the security situation in the Red Sea off Yemen remain volatile. On 9 October BIMCO will shed light on the international security situation to raise awareness and stimulate discussions.

Red Sea & Gulf of Aden: using BIMCO’s VOYWAR and CONWARTIME clauses

21 December 2023

In light of the recent development, BIMCO recommends using the latest editions of its War Risks clauses: BIMCO War Risks Clause for Voyage Chartering 2013 (VOYWAR 2013) and BIMCO War Risks Clause for Time Chartering 2013 (CONWARTIME 2013). These clauses contain a broad definition of “War Risks” that include warlike operations and hostilities that do not require a declaration of war by states. However, it is of utmost importance that all parties involved have a comprehensive understanding of these clauses, ensuring they are well-informed and prepared for any potential outcomes.