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Newbuilding contracts should require use of Shipdex

21 December 2018

BIMCO and MAN Energy Solutions hosted a conference for software suppliers delivering Computerised Maintenance Management Systems (CMMS) to expand the use of Shipdex. Shipdex is the standard protocol for exchanging technical data - such as manuals – electronically between supplier and ships directly, cutting the need for huge stacks of - often outdated - paper manuals.

BIMCO launches campaign to accelerate uptake of electronic bills of lading

16 March 2023

BIMCO has launched the "25 by 25 pledge", a commitment by some of the world’s biggest shippers in the bulk sector to target moving 25% of their annual seaborne trade volume for at least one commodity using electronic bills of lading by 2025. The pledge is part of an ongoing effort to accelerate trade digitalisation and streamline the supply chain process in the bulk sector.

Digital Progress Forum

02 May 2023

BIMCO's Grant Hunter, Director of Standards, Innovation & Research, will be speaking at this event about "Changing the Mindset - concepts for a new shipping business model – a holistic approach to the supply chain “pipeline” embracing digitalisation, decarbonisation, contractualisation and collaboration – the 4th Way."

IMO and WISTA seek input to women in maritime survey

23 February 2021

The International Maritime Organization (IMO) and Women's International Shipping & Trading Association (WISTA) are asking companies to help them obtain baseline data on the number of women in maritime and oceans fields and the positions they occupy.

Coastlink 2023

09 February 2023

BIMCO's Grant Hunter will be speaking about Sustainability and Energy Transition on Day 2 of the conference.