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BIMCO, NGOs invite the industry to help develop global digital ISO standards

05 March 2021

Digitalisation has taken on a new urgency in the light of the COVID-19 pandemic, in particular when it comes to digital data exchange in ports, and for facilitating trade and logistics in general. BIMCO and other maritime NGOs are inviting public and private players to help create global digital ISO standards to facilitate the digital exchange of data.

BIMCO appoints new Head of Maritime Security

09 May 2018

BIMCO has appointed Jakob P. Larsen as Head of Maritime Security. He has a broad maritime experience from both the private and public sector – and always with a large security component.

Maritime Labour Convention, 2006 update

22 June 2021

BIMCO provides an update on the Maritime Labour Convention, 2006 (MLC, 2006), taking into account of the recent fourth meeting that was held by the MLC's Special Tripartite Committee in April this year.

Invitation to participate in important maritime safety study

29 November 2022

BIMCO is supporting a study conducted by the World Maritime University for the European Maritime Safety Agency to identify potential safety issues related to COVID-19 and the risks that may contribute to maritime accidents and incidents.

Smart Maritime Network Athens

04 May 2023

The 4th annual SMN conference takes place in Athens on 10 May. BIMCO's Elena Tassioula, General Manager Greece and Cyprus, will be a panellist.