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Maritime Law Academy - Shipping School

11 August 2022

In 2019 BIMCO launched for the first time the Maritime Law Academy, a huge success attended by delegates from all over the world. Following the success of the first one, the academy will again be running in 2022. The academy covers cutting-edge issues of International Maritime Law and its relationship with international trade, shipping and marine insurance. It gives the opportunity for those who attend to acquire and develop legal knowledge with practical and focused legal mindset and insight into the fundamental principles of shipping and trade law. The BIMCO Maritime Law Academy offers the participants a learning resource in constructing legal arguments, which can be applied in professional situations and aims to solve problems and reduce disputes. A core competence is clear and precise communication. Part of the course is therefore to train the skill of building precise arguments, with roots in English law. The learning experience is enriched through case studies, forming a key element of the programme. From experience, we know that they add value by developing skills in communicating and defending participants’ viewpoints. Case studies sharpen analytical thinking and assist in developing a tolerance for different views. The various solutions, which naturally emerge from case studies, serve as a valuable reference when faced with similar issues in their daily professional lives. The BIMCO Maritime Law Academy is residential and takes place at Trinity Hall College at the University of Cambridge, England. All participants will stay at Wing Gardens for the duration of the training. The “boot camp” atmosphere is a key aspect of the learning experience.

7th World Maritime Technology Conference

18 October 2021

Dr Bev Mackenzie, BIMCO’s London Representative and Manager, Marine Environment will moderate a panel with participants from WISTA associations across Europe showcasing female tech leadership to the wider maritime sector and touching upon topics and issues that are also the forefront of the BIMCO agenda.

7th World Maritime Technology Conference

18 October 2021

David Loosley, Secretary General & CEO, BIMCO, will be giving a keynote speech at the 7th World Maritime Technology Conference at 09:00 CET (07:00 UTC/GMT) on Tuesday 26 April 2022.

BIMCO, NGOs invite the industry to help develop global digital ISO standards

05 March 2021

Digitalisation has taken on a new urgency in the light of the COVID-19 pandemic, in particular when it comes to digital data exchange in ports, and for facilitating trade and logistics in general. BIMCO and other maritime NGOs are inviting public and private players to help create global digital ISO standards to facilitate the digital exchange of data.

BIMCO appoints new Head of Maritime Security

09 May 2018

BIMCO has appointed Jakob P. Larsen as Head of Maritime Security. He has a broad maritime experience from both the private and public sector – and always with a large security component.