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Sanctions Clause for Time Charter Parties 2020

03 March 2022

The sanctions landscape has grown increasingly complex since BIMCO published its Sanctions Clause for Time Charter Parties in 2010. International sanctions regimes are constantly changing with new restrictions being added and new persons and entities being listed. A violation of sanctions restrictions can have severe consequences and in the worst cases can lead to parties being listed as sanctioned parties. Therefore, carefully worded sanctions clauses in charter parties and other contracts are vital for internationally trading companies to help them manage and mitigate their sanctions risk and to enable them to continue to do business while remaining compliant with the various sanctions regimes. This clause is intended for use in all trades except for container trades. A separate sanctions clause for the container trades is under development. This clause was published on 19 December 2019. It replaces the Sanctions Clause for Time Charter Parties 2010 and the Designated Entities Clause for Charter Parties 2013 (which have been combined to make a new single clause for ease of incorporation).

Sanctions Clause for Container Vessel Time Charter Parties 2021

03 March 2022

The sanctions landscape for the container trade has grown increasingly complex over the past decade. To provide the container industry with a bespoke contractual solution that addresses the practical and commercial realities of the liner trade BIMCO has developed a Sanctions Clause for Container Vessel Time Charter Parties 2020.

Digital@Sea Asia Pacific 2021

28 July 2021

BIMCO's Jeppe Skovbakke Juhl, expert in maritime digitalisation, will be speaking at the Digital@Sea Asia Pacific conference held in Seoul.

15+15 webinar: Maritime Single Window – the future of maritime digitalisation

21 September 2022

Jeppe Skovbakke Juhl, Manager of Maritime Safety & Security at BIMCO, will talk about the Maritime Single Window, which links to the newly-adopted IMO requirements making the single window for data exchange mandatory in ports around the world from 1 January 2024. This is a significant step in the acceleration of digitalisation in shipping, and a window of opportunities.