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15+15 webinar: Maturity status of alternative marine fuels

19 March 2024

The alternate fuel space is heating up with many options and variants cropping up under a myriad of colours. Among these options, some are considered short term contenders while some are better bets for the long term. In this 15+15 webinar Joshua Padeti , Senior Engineer from ABS' Houston Sustainability Center aims to provide clarity on the maturity status for the major contenders of alternative marine fuels. Options such as LNG, methanol, ammonia, biofuels, hydrogen etc. will be discussed and their variants green, blue, grey etc will be pitted against each other to estimate where the fuels are today and where they might be in the future. What fuels are the current contenders? How do fuel variants stack up against each other? Which fuel options should we on the lookout for?

CIMAC guideline: marine fuel handling in connection to stability and compatibility

06 November 2019

This guideline helps the reader understand stability and compatibility issues. Furthermore, it explains the different test methods, both for onboard evaluation and for tests performed in laboratories. It compliments and expands on the information given in ISO/PAS 23263:2019 and supports the ISO standard 8217:2017 on specifications of marine fuels.