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30 January 2023

WRECKSTAGE 2010 is an international wreck removal and marine services agreement based on payment of a lump sum in stages. The latest edition of this contract is WRECKSTAGE 2010. Copyright in WRECKSTAGE 2010 is held by BIMCO.

New Zealand FSMC ( formerly known as AGM) Regulations

07 June 2023

New Zealand Flighty Spongy Moth Complex ( FSMC) formerly known as Asian Gypsy Moth/AGM regulations are issued by the Ministry for Primary Industries (MPI), which include the Craft Risk Management Standard (CRMS) under section 24G of the Biosecurity Act 1993.

BIMCO publishes new standalone Refund Guarantee for Shipbuilding Contracts

17 June 2021

A buyer’s payment instalments are at risk under a shipbuilding contract until the shipyard delivers the ship. To safeguard against the risk of the shipyard defaulting or becoming insolvent it is common practice to cover this risk with a refund guarantee issued by a bank. BIMCO’s Documentary Committee has adopted a clearly worded standalone refund guarantee that will assist parties in their shipbuilding projects.

Voyage chartering masterclass

13 February 2020

Voyage charters are not regulated by compulsory international conventions. This course highlights problem areas, presents ways for parties to allocate risks and gives an overview of the relevant legal principles.

BIMCO Intervention

12 October 2021

One of the services available to owner, broker and agency members is "intervention" to recover outstanding undisputed amounts.

BIMCO launches anti-corruption clause for shipping contracts worldwide

24 November 2015

BIMCO, the world’s largest international shipping organisation, has now launched an anti-corruption clause for charter parties. The new clause will give owners and charterers a contractual platform for cooperative action to resist demands for illegal payments from port officials and others.