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Maritime Labour Convention, 2006 (MLC, 2006) - A Quick Summary

17 May 2022

The Maritime Labour Convention, 2006 (MLC, 2006) is an international labour convention adopted under the scope of the International Labour Organization (ILO) in February 2006 and contains a set of global standards bringing nearly all the existing maritime labour instruments together in a single reformatted Convention. BIMCO provides all the information you need to know about the MLC, 2006 in the form of a quick summary with the relevant links provided. The latest FAQ issued by the ILO in November 2020 is also included.

Sanctions Clause for Time Charter Parties 2020

03 March 2022

The sanctions landscape has grown increasingly complex since BIMCO published its Sanctions Clause for Time Charter Parties in 2010. International sanctions regimes are constantly changing with new restrictions being added and new persons and entities being listed. A violation of sanctions restrictions can have severe consequences and in the worst cases can lead to parties being listed as sanctioned parties. Therefore, carefully worded sanctions clauses in charter parties and other contracts are vital for internationally trading companies to help them manage and mitigate their sanctions risk and to enable them to continue to do business while remaining compliant with the various sanctions regimes. This clause is intended for use in all trades except for container trades. A separate sanctions clause for the container trades is under development. This clause was published on 19 December 2019. It replaces the Sanctions Clause for Time Charter Parties 2010 and the Designated Entities Clause for Charter Parties 2013 (which have been combined to make a new single clause for ease of incorporation).

Amendments 2022 to MLC, 2006 and resolutions adopted

20 May 2022

At the Part II of the fourth meeting of the Special Tripartite Committee (STC) of the Maritime Labour Convention, 2006 ( MLC, 2006) ( the "meeting") held from 5 to 13 May 2022, amendments to the MLC,2006 and resolutions were adopted. BIMCO gives a brief write-up here and will follow up with the official amendments once they are formally approved at the upcoming conference of the International Labour Organisation (ILO) expected to be held in May/June. The amendments should enter into force by December 2024 once approved at the ILO conference.

Maritime Labour Convention, 2006 update

22 June 2021

BIMCO provides an update on the Maritime Labour Convention, 2006 (MLC, 2006), taking into account of the recent fourth meeting that was held by the MLC's Special Tripartite Committee in April this year.

Consolidated MLC Text 2019

05 February 2019

The International Labour Organisation (ILO) celebrated its 100 years by issuing a new consolidated text of the Maritime Labour Convention, as amended (MLC,2006) which includes the 2014 and 2016 amendments.