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Newbuilding report dated 7 December 2021

08 December 2021

As we are heading towards the end of 2021, it is evident that the industry has been anything but quiet, with the number of deals surfacing during the past weeks highlighting that the appetite for container and gas carrier units has not slowed down. The newbuilding market activity was in line with the course that we have been witnessing since the start of the year. Crude carrier units were missing for another week while LNG and container deals were present as always despite the increasing newbuilding prices.

Electronic Signature Clause 2021

07 December 2023

The purpose of the Electronic Signature Clause 2021 is to enable the parties to a contract to sign the contract, and any documents to be signed in connection with it, electronically. The clause can be used in any type of contract.

26 Oct 2021 - US September retail sales hit 7-month low at USD 535.9bn

26 October 2021

US retail sales fell to USD 535.9 billion in September, their lowest level since March 2021, and marking the fifth month-on-month decline in retail sales. The 7-month low is partly due to pandemic-induced government spending, aimed at fuelling consumer demand, winding down while spending on services has recovered some of its lost share of consumer spending. In the second quarter of the year, spending on food, accommodation, transport, and recreation services was back to levels recorded in Q2 2019.

Liquid cargo of the month – Hexanol

12 March 2024

The BIMCO Liquid Cargo database is intended for use by for shore-side staff and to some extent for newcomers to the tanker trade and should only be used as a reference tool providing brief information regarding the more than 330 of the commonly transported liquid cargoes including Hexanol .