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Recorded 15+15 webinar: The parallel universe of laytime holidays

07 December 2022

Johan Conrad from BIMCO talked about laytime holidays. The concept of holidays is often referred to in charter parties, but what exactly is a "holiday" and how does the industry deal with ethnocentrism and apply the concept of holidays to different languages and cultures?

BIMCO releases the Holiday Calendar 2023 Supplement

25 January 2023

Indian culture is incredibly diverse, and the 1.4 billion inhabitants of the country observe a variety of religions and come from hundreds of different ethnicities. These are among the reasons why the regulation of holidays is a matter delegated to individual states, while the federal government has declared only three secular holidays which are to be observed universally by all Indian establishments.

Controversial holidays in a laytime context

21 April 2022

Holidays are reflections of the culture we live in, however laytime holidays are detached from cultural context. As our perception of current and historic event are biased by personal views, it should come as no surprise that holidays may be disputed – and even controversial. Having clarification on laytime exemptions may avoid disputes.

How Covid-19 can add significant costs in holidays

20 May 2020

In response to Covid-19, many countries have undertaken precautious measures such as curfew, lock down and state of emergency. For a few cases, the appropriate precautious measure was deemed to be general holidays.