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LNG Fuel Gas-freeing and Cool-down Clause

23 February 2022

In 2021 BIMCO initiated a project to develop a suite of LNG fuel clauses for time charter parties. The number of LNG fuelled ships in operation is growing steadily and the suite reflects the need to have bespoke clauses in time charters for these ships. The LNG clauses cover matters related to the LNG quality, delivery/redelivery, gas-freeing and cooling down and an operational clause. For dual-fuel ships the clauses are intended to be used together with the existing BIMCO bunker clauses for conventional fuel oils. The current suite of LNG fuel clauses for use in time charter parties also consists of: LNG Bunker Operational Clause for Time Charter Parties LNG Fuel Delivery Clause LNG Fuel Quality Clause

ASBAGASVOY charter aims to be first choice for gas trade

13 December 2019

Feedback from the gas industry on the draft ASBAGASVOY charter party shows that ASBA and BIMCO, who are working together to develop the new contract, are on the right track. The view is supported by BIMCO’s Documentary Committee.

New gas tanker form paves the way for revision of ASBATANKVOY

21 September 2020

BIMCO and the Association of Ship Brokers & Agents (U.S.A.), Inc. (ASBA) have approved a voyage charter party, ASBAGASVOY, for publication to serve the growing gas tanker industry. Work will now begin to revise ASBATANKVOY, one of the most used tanker charter parties in the world.

ETS - Emission Trading Scheme Allowances Clause for Time Charter Parties 2022

22 September 2022

The purpose of the clause is to allocate costs and responsibilities for obtaining, transferring, and surrendering greenhouse gas emissions allowances for ships operating under an emissions scheme, such as the EU Emissions Trading System (ETS). The basis of the clause is that the party providing and paying for the fuel under the time charter is the party that is responsible for providing and paying for emissions trading allowances. The owners must monitor the ship’s emissions and provide the relevant emissions data and the basis of calculations to the charterers. Using this information, the charterers transfer the appropriate allowances to the owners monthly. The clause addresses the adjustment of allowances due to offhire events and what happens if the charterers fail to transfer allowances when due.

ASBAGASVOY draft ready for first consultation and review

08 November 2019

The standard gas tanker voyage charter party codenamed ASBAGASVOY is ready for a first industry consultation as well as review by the Documentary Committee of BIMCO and the Board of the Association of Ship Brokers & Agents (U.S.A.), Inc. (ASBA).