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20 September 2016

GASVOY 2005 is a voyage charter party developed for use in the LPG, ammonia and liquefied petrochemical gas trades. The latest edition of this contract is GASVOY 2005. Copyright in GASVOY 2005 is held by BIMCO.


20 September 2016

GASTIME is a standard time charter party for ships carrying liquefied gas. The latest edition of this contract is GASTIME, issued in 1980. Copyright in GASTIME is held by BIMCO.


17 October 2016

LNGVOY is a voyage charter party for the carriage of liquefied natural gas. Copyright in this document is held jointly by BIMCO and GIIGNL (International Group of Liquefied Natural Gas Importers). The latest edition of this contract is LNGVOY, issued in 2016.

Sale & purchase report dated 9 April 2019

10 April 2019

SnP activity is firming up for both tankers and bulkers. Buyers showed particular interest in both markets for small sizes. More specifically, the majority of sales on the tanker side were for Chemical tankers and MRs, while on the dry bulk sector was for Handies up to Supramaxes. The weekly sale and purchase report by Intermodal Research & Valuations features secondhand sales market prices for crude oil- and oil product tankers, dry bulk carriers, container ships and gas tankers.