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19 October 2021

GUARDCON is an agreement for the hire of the services of private maritime security guards on ships – either armed or unarmed. The latest edition of this contract is GUARDCON, issued in 2012. Copyright in GUARDCON is held by BIMCO.

GUARDCON webinar now online

14 December 2016

This webinar is about End User Certificates for weapons used by private maritime security companies on board ships. It is hosted by Giles Noakes and Grant Hunter and was recorded on 9 December 2016.

Data protection clauses for BIMCO contracts released

27 July 2018

Personal Data Protection Clauses for SHIPMAN, CREWMAN, SUPPLYTIME and GUARDCON are available now. These are additional clauses that can be added to specific BIMCO contracts if parties need wording to cover personal data protection legislation.