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BIMCO expels ShipNEXT from membership

11 July 2018

BIMCO has terminated its agreement with ShipNEXT that allowed the use of BIMCO contracts on its trading platform and expelled the company from its membership after it repeatedly and falsely claimed that BIMCO supported its trading platform.

Greek shipowners investing the most in newbuilding

03 June 2014

Greek shipowners are not only the most active nation when it comes to sales and purchases, they are also investing the most in newbuilding contracts. Since 2010, contracts made by owners in Greece total USD 51 billion, consistently dwarfing the likes of Norway and China as buyers.

COVID 19 - BIMCO supports the industry with contracts and clauses

09 December 2021

The recently imposed new restrictions in several ports will have an impact on the operations of ships. Performing crew changes will very likely become more difficult and result in floating quarantines, meaning that more delays and disruptions in supply chains can be expected. With the new variant creating uncertainty for shipowners, even more complex planning will be needed to avoid financial losses.