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Topical contracts and clauses to be reviewed by Documentary Committee next week

11 April 2023

When BIMCO’s Documentary Committee (DC) chaired by Nick Fell, Executive Vice President, Corporate Services and General Counsel at BW Group, meets on 20 April at BIMCO House in Copenhagen, it will be considering two new freestanding clauses for adoption, one contract for approval and a number of ongoing projects for review.

15+15 webinar: Navigating EU ETS in contracts

19 December 2023

Why should you include EU ETS in your contracts? Get an overview of the BIMCO clauses on emission trading schemes in this 15+15 to better understand the difference between the various contractual solutions. BIMCO’s Stinne Taiger Ivø, Director of Contracts and Support, will cover: Why should EU ETS be discussed and addressed in contracts? Why has BIMCO produced three standard ETS clauses for voyage charter parties? What should owners and ship managers think about in their contractual negotiations? Stinne will also take your questions.

Documentary Committee adopts string of important contracts and clauses

19 October 2023

When BIMCO’s Documentary Committee (DC) met on 11 October in Copenhagen, it approved two new clauses and two revised versions of existing contracts. The new standards are being finalised for publication and will soon be made available for use on SmartCon and on the BIMCO website accompanied by explanatory notes.

COVID 19 - BIMCO supports the industry with contracts and clauses

09 December 2021

The recently imposed new restrictions in several ports will have an impact on the operations of ships. Performing crew changes will very likely become more difficult and result in floating quarantines, meaning that more delays and disruptions in supply chains can be expected. With the new variant creating uncertainty for shipowners, even more complex planning will be needed to avoid financial losses.