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20 September 2016

The SOVCONROUND voyage charter party was developed for trading pulpwood, pitwood, roundwood and logs from Baltic and White Sea ports of the USSR. The latest edition of this contract is SOVCONROUND, issued in 1969.


20 September 2016

The Russian wood charter party was developed for the wood trade from the Russian Baltic, White Sea, Barents Sea and Kara Sea ports. The latest edition of this contract is RUSWOOD, issued in 2002.

Dry Bulk Shipping - Handling the supply side challenge remains top of the agenda

16 August 2012

The summer lull in the freight market is soon to be over as we enter into the seasonally-stronger final five months of the year. Hopefully, this will bring around higher earnings, but the outlook is unlikely to support a joyride similar to that of last year. The Baltic Dry Index (BDI) currently stands at 843 (August 6), a level which is 53% below the average of the final five months of 2011.