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“Together in safety” issues “Golden Safety Rules”

Published: 06 March 2024

The maritime industry group “Together in safety” has issued a set of “Golden Safety Rules” to inspire safety improvements across the maritime industry. 

The Golden Safety Rules were developed from a detailed review of fatal incident reports across all sectors of the shipping industry. They comprise 10 straightforward easy to apply and easy to understand areas for every seafarer to adopt in their everyday work to prevent injuries and fatalities. They cover activities that are most likely to lead to fatalities and serious injury and focus on the areas that an individual has control over in their everyday work. 

The Golden Safety Rules are only as good as their implementation, which to be successful require strong leadership from the very top of the company and introduced by the Owner/CEO with a programme to reach every seafarer. We can show the way with the implementation, and please give feedback on your experiences and photographs, also to form part of your media and social media postings. 

The Golden Safety Rules can be found here: and are also available for easy reference in the PDF file below.

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Jakob Paaske Larsen


Jakob Paaske Larsen

Head of Maritime Safety & Security

Copenhagen, Denmark