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Published: 29 November 2023

BIMCO's Niko Schües, David Loosley and Lars Robert Pedersen will be taking part in discussions and raising awareness of shipping’s role in the fight against climate change

The COP provides an arena for all stakeholders to be involved in climate discussions.

While the UNFCCC does not cover international shipping, we realise that in order to make the aspirations of reaching net zero carbon by 2050 a reality, the whole shipping community needs to collaborate more widely.

At COP28, BIMCO will share the latest initiatives and strategies to address climate change within the maritime industry, hosting an official side event on the vital role of shipping in reducing global GHG emissions and contributing to the circular economy.

Three senior BIMCO people will be in Dubai: President Niko Schuës, Secretary General and CEO David Loosley and Deputy Secretary General Lars Robert Pedersen.

Niko Schües will be speaking at two significant events during COP28:

Firstly, he will share his insights at the International Chamber of Shipping (ICS) event, a renowned gathering that is set to be one of the most anticipated maritime events at COP28.

Secondly, he will lend his voice to the Ocean High-Level Event Powering Ocean Breakthroughs with 100% Sustainable Ocean Management and will discuss the link between decarbonisation and biodiversity, reinforcing the need for sustainable ocean management.

While Niko's participation is as an individual expert and not specifically as the BIMCO president, his insights and experience will undoubtedly contribute to the event's richness and promote the decarbonisation agenda.

Beverley Mackenzie


Dr. Bev Mackenzie

Head of Intergovernmental Engagement

London, United Kingdom