BIMCO's Jakob P. Larsen, Head of Maritime Safety & Security, on The Lloyd's List Podcast "Where have all the pirates gone?"

"Where have all the pirates gone?"

Published: 21 January 2023

BIMCO's Head of Maritime Safety and Security, Jakob P. Larsen, was a guest on this podcast discussing the current state of piracy, and how it has all but disappeared recently.

As Lloyd's List puts it: "Shipping’s persistent piracy problem has all but disappeared off the radar of late. Attacks are still happening of course, but according to the International Maritime Bureau’s latest annual report maritime piracy and armed robbery attacks have reached their lowest recorded levels in 30 years."

The podcast looks at what the recent lull in piracy activity means for maritime security and whether it really has disappeared, and can be found on SoundCloud.


Jakob Paaske Larsen


Jakob Paaske Larsen

Head of Maritime Safety & Security

Copenhagen, Denmark