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Liquid cargo of the month – Vinyl Ethyl Ether

Published: 10 May 2023

The BIMCO Liquid Cargo database is intended for use by for shore-side staff and to some extent for newcomers on board tankers and should only be used as a reference tool providing brief information regarding the approximately 310 commonly transported liquid cargoes including Vinyl Ethyl Ether.

The liquid cargo “Vinyl Ethyl Ether” is also known as; Ethyl vinyl ether; EVE; Ethoxy ethene.

Highly flammable and toxic liquid with a very high vapor pressure. Extremely reactive, can be polymerized in liquid or vapour phase. The cargo has a severe fire and explosion risk.

The carriage requirements include the following:

Ship type 2 and tank type 2, fitted with High level alarm, a mechanical refrigeration system shall be available unless the tank can withstand tank pressure at 45 deg. C. Cargo to be stowed away from and segregated from any warm surfaces. Heating coils in tanks shall be blanked off.

The cargo shall be protected by additive (inhibitor) and the ship to be provided with a certificate of protection (inhibition) from the manufacturer of the cargo. Cargo to be kept as cool as possible during voyage.

No prewash required by MARPOL Annex II but Tank cleaning to be initiated as soon as possible after unloading (to prevent polymerisation of residues in tanks).

The carriage of Vinyl Ethyl Ether requires very clean and dry cargo tanks prior to loading. All cargo tanks subject to carrying cargo shall be inerted prior to loading and a wall wash test will often be required.

Ship to observe maximum filling level of cargo tanks, taking into consideration the potential expansion of the cargo, due to raise in cargo temperature during voyage.

Main use of Vinyl Ethyl Ethe: Copolymerization, synthetic building block and a monomer, pharmaceuticals, lubе-oіl additive, flavour. Perfume and plastic manufacturing.
The BIMCO Liquid Cargo Database contains information on some 310 cargoes, all updated to the IBC Code 2021 amended requirements, but to ensure that the BIMCO Liquid Cargo Database information is kept updated, we highly welcome any feedback in the form of comments, response, information or data regarding a specific cargo.

Peter Lundahl Rasmussen


Peter Lundahl Rasmussen

Head of Maritime Information

Copenhagen, Denmark