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Updates to BIMCO’s Shipping KPI performance benchmarking tool

Published: 03 April 2023

Following a recent system update and migration to new servers, BIMCO’s ship performance benchmarking tool, Shipping KPI, now provides you with new features and a more user-friendly design.

The update also sees the reintroduction of new Environmental KPIs (key performance indicators) which help to monitor and improve a ship’s operations that may impact the environment, such as reducing emissions and avoiding spills.

Specifically, you can now get Air Emissions KPI reports, including:

  • KPI005: CO2 efficiency - expresses the energy efficiency of the ship by comparing emitted mass of CO2 to the ship’s total transport work

  • KPI021: NOx efficiency - expresses the amount of NOx emitted relative to the transport work performed

  • KPI030: SOx efficiency - expresses the energy efficiency of a ship by comparing emitted mass of SOx emitted relative to the transport work performed.

After an initial period for data reporting, these will be made available for benchmarking.

Other improvements to the system include an improved and more secure authentication process for accessing the platform. If you are an existing user of the system, you need to create a new login here, as well as provide your consent to BIMCO to migrate your data over. Alternatively you can send an email to with "Consent" in the subject line, your email signature and the word “Confirm”.

Following all these changes, Shipping KPI in its now update version is now available to BIMCO members to use for free. For non-BIMCO members, a setup fee is applicable. Looking ahead, to help support the future development of the system, subscriptions or user fees might be implemented in 2024. Please email to for further details.

Want to learn more about BIMCO Shipping KPI and its benchmarking? Explore the history and development of the system and discover its features, capabilities and benefits for supporting operational performance.

Peter Lundahl Rasmussen


Peter Lundahl Rasmussen

Head of Maritime Information

Copenhagen, Denmark