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Liquid cargo of the month - Bio-fuel blends Gasoline and Ethyl alcohol

Published: 21 February 2023

The BIMCO Liquid Cargo database is intended for use by for shore-side staff and to some extent for newcomers on board tankers and should only be used as a reference tool providing brief information regarding the approximately 310 commonly transported liquid cargoes including Bio-fuel blends Gasoline and Ethyl alcohol.

Trade names/synonym names: Alcoline; Denaturated fuel grade ethanol; E85 Ethanol/Gasoline Blend; Gasohol

This entry is applicable for blends of Gasoline and Ethyl alcohol (>25% but < 99% Ethyl alcohol by volume) When the blend contains 25% or less Ethyl alcohol, the blend is subject to MARPOL Annex I (petroleum) requirements. 

Highly flammable liquid and vapour. May have an alcohol-like odour - depending on composition. Toxic

Clear or light-yellow coloured liquid. Various compositions depending on contents of Gasoline

Toxic products. Requirements to exhaust openings of vent systems. Connection for vapour-return line to the shore installation. Not to be stowed adjacent to oil fuel tanks. Separate piping systems. 

High-level tank alarm required and an instrument or detector tubes for detection of toxic cargo vapours shall be on board.

Prewash might be required (cargo is pollution category X).

Prepare for prewash of cargo tanks and disposal of prewash-water after unloading of cargo, according to vessel's P&A manual

Reference is made to MARPOL Annex II Regulation 13.4.3 an exemption from a prewash may be granted, when it is satisfied - that the cargo residues will be removed by ventilationWhen such an exemption has been granted, the appropriate entry made in the Cargo Record Book shall be endorsed by an appointed or authorized surveyor. 

Check coating manufacturer's instructions when carried in coated cargo tanks.

Get instructions from shipper on requirement to nitrogen blanket.

Tank cleaning:

Ambient temperature water for prewash. 

Discharge prewash water to shore reception facility

Warm/hot temperature water wash

Ambient temperature freshwater rinse

When a tank cleaning chemical is to be used, please check tank coating resistance

Obtain cargo specifications before loading, as carriage requirements really depend on composition of the Bio-fuel blend

When this Bio-fuel blend contains more than 25% but less than 99% of Ethyl alcohol, the cargo shall be included on the vessel's Certificate of Fitness

Use: Motor fuel for cars. Additive for gasoline

The BIMCO Liquid Cargo Database contains information on some 310 cargoes, all updated to the IBC Code 2021 amended requirements, but in order to ensure that the BIMCO Liquid Cargo Database information is kept updated, we highly welcome any feedback in the form of comments, response, information or data regarding a specific cargo.

Peter Lundahl Rasmussen


Peter Lundahl Rasmussen

Head of Maritime Information

Copenhagen, Denmark