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BIMCO to launch ESG network for members

Published: 21 February 2023

Recognising the growing importance of ESG as good business practice within the shipping industry, BIMCO will establish a network to support members in developing and reporting initiatives.

There can be no doubt about the growing importance of ESG –  Environmental, Social and Governance* – as good business practice within the shipping industry – it is perhaps one of the hottest trends, particularly within financing. As such we will be building a member-led network of people involved across the breadth of ESG activities to strengthen their business, improve their knowledge and support networking.

Whilst the topics discussed will be at behest of the members, we expect the network to explore differences in how ESG is approached by companies - from developing initiatives, policies and programmes to data recording and reporting. Furthermore, we expect consistency to be debated, with critics of ESG citing the importance of standardisation as key to avoid claims of greenwashing and others – such as diversity washing. At BIMCO we believe that knowledge sharing between our members will assist in ensure that ESG policies and plans are developed in the best way and hopefully aid members in avoiding the potential pitfalls.

All members are invited to participate and benefit from the discussions with membership of the group a free-of-charge benefit. We encourage participation by professionals working on ESG on a day-to-day basis and who are willing to share ideas and expertise – independent of sector of shipping, size of company or where you are on the ESG journey.

All meetings of the network will be virtual and there will most likely be three or four meetings a year. Use the contact box on this page to reach out to Henriette Dybkær if you wish to join or would like more information.


* ESG is a concept and criteria developed to look at the overall impact of a company - environmental criteria looks at a company’s environmental footprint- from GHG emissions to waste management,  Social criteria consider a company’s relationships, including with employees, other organisations, and in communities where it operates. And governance takes into account the way a company manages itself. 

Henriette Dybkær


Henriette Dybkær

Membership Engagement

Copenhagen, Denmark