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UK Hydrographic Office delays its decision to phase out the production of paper charts

Published: 07 February 2023

In July 2022, the United Kingdom Hydrographic Office (UKHO) announced its plan to withdraw the portfolio of Admiralty paper charts which are called Standard Nautical Charts (SNCs) and Thematic charts and move them to digital products and services. The plan was to start the withdrawal from 2022 and complete it by 2026.

However, on 2 February 2023 UKHO announced that it would extend the timetable of this withdrawal to 2030.

UKHO has had conversations with many groups and organisations, and these have highlighted a number of important transnational and regulatory factors which need further consideration.

The consultation showed that there are many users who do not yet have viable alternatives to paper chart products. UKHO has therefore decided to continue providing paper chart service until at least 2030.

See the full UKHO report.  

If you are still using paper charts, BIMCO recommends that you start preparing to transfer to digital products and services.

Ashok Srinivasan


Ashok Srinivasan

Manager, Maritime Safety & Security

Singapore, Singapore