BIMCO website's liquid cargo of the month, dichloromethane on a laptop superimposed over chemical tanker ship

BIMCO Liquid Cargo of the month - Dichloromethane

Published: 13 October 2022

The BIMCO Liquid Cargo database is intended for use by for shore-side staff and to some extent for newcomers on board tankers and should only be used as a reference tool providing brief information regarding the about 270 of the commonly transported liquid cargoes including Dichloromethane.

Trade names/synonym names: Methylene dichloride; Methylene chloride; MEC; DCM.

A toxic and non-flammable cargo. Colourless and a very volatile heavy liquid with a penetrating ether-like odour. Commonly used as paint removers, solvent degreasing, plastics processing, blowing agent in foams, solvent extraction, solvent for cellulose acetate.

Carefully check of Dichloromethane cargo's compatibility with stainless steel and the relevant cargo tank coating resistance list for special requirements or potential limitations.

Requirements to exhaust openings of vent systems. Connection for vapour-return line to the shore installation. Not to be stowed adjacent to oil fuel tanks. Cargo tank relief-valve setting minimum 0.02 MPa gauge (= 200 mBar).

An instrument or detector tubes for detection of toxic cargo vapours shall be on board.

No prewash required by MARPOL Annex II.


  • Carefully check cargo specifications for water content, acid value, impurities etc. (care of cargo tank coating/material).
  •  Avoid contact with liquid. Do not inhale cargo vapours. Take care when ventilating cargo tanks.
  • Due to the high density of this cargo (1325 kg/m3 @ 20 deg. C), please carefully calculate maximum filling level in cargo tanks in order not to exceed the permissible load on the tank top. This is important for ships' cargo tanks constructed to carry full load of cargo having maximum density equal to the density of sea water (1025 kg/m3). Such tanks can only be filled to 77 %.

The BIMCO Liquid Cargo Database contains information on some 270 cargoes, all updated to the IBC Code 2021 amended requirements, but in order to ensure that the BIMCO Liquid Cargo Database information is kept updated, we highly welcome any feedback in the form of comments, response,  information or data regarding a specific cargo.

Peter Lundahl Rasmussen


Peter Lundahl Rasmussen

Head of Maritime Information

Copenhagen, Denmark