Worker in safety suit carrying fumigation gear with foggy fumes around and a danger sign superimposed

Fumigation and pest contamination – what are the rules and how to comply?

Published: 07 July 2022

BIMCO publishes new cargo section, providing a one-stop shop of information and guidance for fumigation and pest contamination to assist members with compliance.

We now have a new section of the BIMCO Cargo Database to assist you with fumigation of cargoes that are shipped under the various International Maritime Organization ( IMO) rules such as the International Maritime Solid Bulk Cargoes (IMSBC) Code, the International Maritime Dangerous Goods ( IMDG) Code and the International Grain Code ( the Grain Code).

Under the new section called Fumigation and pest contamination, you can find the relevant IMO recommendations you need to comply with in respect of fumigation of cargoes that are shipped under the various cargo regimes.

Pest contamination has been officially included as one of the items to be inspected by Member Government States in container transport units (CTUs) carrying dangerous goods visiting their ports. We have therefore consolidated this information into our guide to help you prepare pest contamination measures for CTUs and reduce the risk of inspections noting non-compliance.

See the BIMCO Cargo database for pest contamination and fumigation

Ai Cheng Foo-Nielsen


Ai Cheng Foo-Nielsen

Manager, Maritime Information

Copenhagen, Denmark